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I'm so delighted to share my latest writing project. In March, I signed with Guidepost's Ordinary Women of the Bible series. The series is fantastic! I've been blessed to read the first four novels and have really enjoyed each one. What can you expect with this series? Ordinary women doing extraordinary things for God. Spanning… Continue reading ORDINARY WOMEN OF THE BIBLE: Asenath’s Story

Book Review

Dreams of Savannah

I enjoyed Dreams of Savannah. Multiple POVs allow a nuanced look at life for slave owners and slaves. I found myself mostly drawn to the plight of Luther and Salina as they seek freedom and dignity. Salina, with plenty of secrets, tugs at the heartstrings as she navigates life in servitude to Cordelia.  Cordelia and… Continue reading Dreams of Savannah

Book Review

Tidewater Bride Review

Tidewater Bride might be my favorite Laura Frantz novel to date. In a colony full of brides, Selah Hopewell gently defies all expectations. She keeps her father’s shop and enjoys a tender relationship with her parents. She has little need or intention of marrying, especially as her father’s health deteriorates. Enter the broken hero, Xander… Continue reading Tidewater Bride Review

Book Review

To Dwell Among Cedars

To Dwell Among Cedars is a perfect treat for fans of biblical fiction. Eloria and her younger brother, Luca, find refuge with the most unlikely of allies: the Israelites. Her new family offers love and safety. However, Eloria continues to struggle with an unrelenting need to prove herself and to fit in. Can she earn… Continue reading To Dwell Among Cedars

Book Review

Pearl In the Sand

I was blessed to read Pearl in the Sand when it first debuted. Rahab novels abound in Biblical fiction. However, I found this novel unforgettable. Imagine my delight when a gorgeous 10th anniversary edition just released. With gold gilt, no less! Tessa Afshar's Rahab is such a lovable character. Forced into prostitution, Rahab bears a… Continue reading Pearl In the Sand

Book Review

A PORTRAIT of Loyalty

Has this series really ended? If only we could have one more book! Hang in there, sweet readers—I’m about to book gush. Are you a fan of the first two books within the Code Breakers series? I sure am! I found book three to be just as thrilling a read as The Number of Love… Continue reading A PORTRAIT of Loyalty

Book Review


Back cover blurb: Strong-willed Tirzah wants to join her people in driving the enemy from the land of Israel and undergoes training for a secret mission inside the stronghold of Shechem. But soon after she has infiltrated the ruthless Aramean commander's kitchen, she makes a reckless decision that puts her and her allies in grave… Continue reading LIKE FLAMES IN THE NIGHT

Book Review


Against every warning, she’s drawn ever closer to the man known as “Black Heart”. I was absolutely delighted to review Roseanna M. White’s latest novel, On Wings of Devotion. Roseanna M. White’s novels are rich in history with a beautiful message of faith. And not to mention—sweet, sizzling romance! Arabella Denler, though a wealthy heiress,… Continue reading ON WINGS OF DEVOTION