Book Review

The Number of Love Book

The Number of Love is a tender, heart-filled novel that surprises and engages on every level. Margot De Wilde might be one of the most fascinating characters I’ve encountered in a long while. Brilliant. Kind. Sarcastic. Uncertain. She is complex and sympathetic. As a genius, Margot decodes classified secrets during World War II. The men… Continue reading The Number of Love Book

Inspirational Thoughts

Can I Tell God What to Do?

A family member sent me a thoughtful question following a newsletter she received from a famous preacher. In the short devotional, the televangelist noted as a child of the king; he has a double portion of speaking power. No more troubled relationships. No more sickness and disease...or financial strain. If he claimed it with his… Continue reading Can I Tell God What to Do?

Writing News


  Hello, sweet readers, I have some fun news to share! Raven's Heir and The Five Poisoned Apple collection are available for preorder on Amazon! I can't wait to introduce you to Damien and Kara. Snow White happens to be one of my favorite fairy-tale retellings. In Raven's Heir, a young princess flees her evil stepmother and… Continue reading FIVE POISONED APPLES