Jenelle Hovde

Stories of hope throughout history

Jenelle Hovde

Stories of hope throughout history

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A Harvest of Grace:

Ruth & Naomi’s Story

Extraordinary Women of the Bible with Guideposts Fiction

When a young Moabite woman marries into a Hebrew family, she gains affection and respect from not only her husband, Mahlon, but her mother-in-law, Naomi. For the first time in her life, Ruth feels safe. But then an illness tragically claims Mahlon and his brother, the last of Naomi’s family. Naomi bitterly urges her daughter-in law to leave and take another husband. However, Ruth has no intention of abandoning Naomi. 

Together, they flee Moab and seek a new future in Bethlehem, where they find themselves less than welcome until their paths cross with Boaz, a wealthy and kind landowner who shows an interest in Ruth. Can both women trust in Yahweh’s timely provision and healing? Or will the plotting of a bitter rival ruin their hopes for the future?

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The First Daughter:

Eve’s Story

Extraordinary Women of the Bible with Guideposts Fiction

Eve awakens to a perfect world and to a perfect love. Her Father, God himself, and the man she’s intended for, Adam, bring her tremendous joy and companionship. But peace within the Garden of Eden is soon shattered when she and her husband succumb to the temptations of a conniving serpent. Everything changes with one act of disobedience. Cast into a forbidding and fast-changing world, Eve must learn to survive in a harsh environment and endure the cycle of birth and death, loss and suffering—all because of sin. Can she trust her Father to redeem what was lost, including a broken marriage and family? And can He still have a plan for her life regardless of what she’s done?


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We’ll Meet Again

Whistle Stop Cafe Mysteries with Guideposts Fiction

For the past few days, Debbie has noticed a mysterious man hanging around the depot, near the tracks. He is always standing in the same spot at the same time of day. She has seen him flipping between checking his watch, his phone, and every train that goes by. Curious, she finally decides to speak with him, but the next day he is gone! Instead, tucked in the lamppost next to where the mysterious man always stood, she finds a yellowed “Dear Jane” letter, with a dateline of 1944, addressed to Eileen Palmer, the long-retired stationmaster. Eileen claims she never heard from her soldier boy after he left for the war. Can Debbie solve this longstanding mystery so Eileen can get the satisfying closure and an answer to her decades of prayers at this twilight time of her life?

The Dream Weaver’s Bride:

Asenath’s Story

As the daughter of the high priest of On, Asenath has a solid vision of her future. Her education with the royal scribe is a luxury not usually afforded to women, and even though she is betrothed to the pharaoh’s half-brother, she has dreams of something more. But everything changes when the pharaoh has troubling nightmares that only a prisoner named Joseph can interpret. Suddenly, Asenath finds herself married to this foreigner, who demands that no god but his own be worshipped in his house. Despite her fears, Asenath is touched by Joseph’s kindness and humility, even as he steps into his newfound power.

Can Asenath trust the God of Joseph and forsake her old deities? Can she learn to love this stranger from another land, a stranger with scars from a painful past? As a famine sweeps across Egypt and the surrounding lands, Asenath and Joseph find themselves face-to-face with the men who caused Joseph’s suffering. Can Asenath embrace the power of El Shaddai and help her husband forgive?

From generation to generation and every walk of life, God seeks out women to do His will. Scripture offers us but fleeting, tantalizing glimpses into the lives of a number of everyday women in Bible times-many of whom are not even named in its pages. In each volume of Guideposts’ Ordinary women of the Bible series, you’ll meet one of these unsung, ordinary women face to face, and see how God used her to change the course of history. 

Five Poisoned Apples

Experience the haunting beauty of Snow White in five thrilling retellings.

Raven’s Heir:

Taking her in could risk the lives of his rebel band—but how can Damien leave the young woman at the huntsman’s mercy?


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