I’m so pleased to announce signing with Guideposts Fiction and the Ordinary Women of the Bible series. Asenath’s and Joseph’s story coming Spring 2021.

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Falling Snow:The strange dark circus is the only life she’s ever known—but is Snow a performer or a prisoner? 

Raven’s Heir: Taking her in could risk the lives of his rebel band—but how can Damien leave the young woman at the huntsman’s mercy?

 The Fairest One: Her people look for the prophesied Fairest One—but can Livna find courage to step out of the shadows and save her nation? 

Red as Blood: He’s been hired to assassinate the princess, no questions asked—but how can Zaig take the life of one so young, so innocent? 

Snowbird and the Red Slippers: She longs to be worthy of the scholarship that changed her life—but can Jeong Hayan survive the bitter rivalry of a prestigious New York dance school?

Experience the haunting beauty of Snow White in five thrilling retellings.