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Semi-finalist in the 2018 Genesis ACFW contest. Status: On submission to publishers

In a world enslaved by money and power, one man will risk it all to break free. But will the love of a slave prove his downfall?

As a slave, Tiberia has learned to hide her faith. Yet when injustice strikes an innocent family, she calls on a powerful Christian couple, Domitilla and Titus Clemens, Consul of Rome, for help. Unwittingly, Tiberia’s actions lead straight to Cadens primary sponsors, the paranoid emperor Domitian and the corrupt senator, Gaius Crispus. A steep price comes with her involvement. In the quest for justice, she might have endangered the one man who truly cares for her.

Caden Romulus, a famed ex-gladiator, vows never to fight in the arena again. However, he has no qualms purchasing gladiators and training them for combat. When his female slave, Tiberia, challenges his treatment of the gladiators, sparks fly between them. However, he cant fight the attraction he feels for her or the growing disillusionment with his decadent life. In the end, Caden must choose which god he pledges allegiance to: the emperor who claims divinity, or the man called Christus. And Caden must decide if his growing love for Tiberia is worth risking everything hes fought for.

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I’m so pleased to announce signing with Guideposts Fiction and the Ordinary Women of the Bible series.

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