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I’m so delighted to share my latest writing project. In March, I signed with Guidepost’s Ordinary Women of the Bible series. The series is fantastic! I’ve been blessed to read the first four novels and have really enjoyed each one.

What can you expect with this series? Ordinary women doing extraordinary things for God. Spanning the Old Testament to the New Testament, each novel is fast-paced with an illustrated history appendix. Well-researched history. Gentler, hope filled stories to encourage your own faith journey.

My novel revolves around Joseph’s bride, Asenath. I’ve always been drawn to the cinematic aspect of Joseph’s story. Sold by jealous brothers into a life of slavery, Joseph rises above. Yet, betrayal strikes again and Joseph finds himself falsely accused with a prison sentence.

Even in the darkest of times, he manages to cling to his faith.

Enter Asenath, who happens to be the high priest’s daughter. Despite receiving only a glancing mention in the Bible, Asenath has always fascinated me. What kind of woman was she? How did encountering Joseph and Yahweh change her life? As the high priest of On’s daughter, she would be steeped in the old Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses. In fact, Egyptian history tells us that the priests of On specialized in dream interpretations. How remarkable that not one priest could interpret Pharaoh’s dreams.

Only Joseph.

Jewish legend tells of Asenath’s hand promised to one of Pharoah’s close relatives. Pharaoh, however, gives Asenath to Joseph. With scripture, we know that her sons were blessed and included within the Hebrew lineage of Jacob.

Asenath’s Story coming Spring 2021

Joseph’s life continues to challenge today. How do we forgive those who betray or hurt us? How do we recover when our lives seemed so broken beyond repair? How do we maintain hope when all seems lost? After all, Joseph languished in prison, forgotten by those he helped. God, however, had vastly different plans. Isn’t it comforting to know that He can take any miserable experience and turn it around for His glory?

I hope you’ll join me on Asenath’s journey discovering the redemptive power and love of Yahweh.

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From generation to generation and every walk of life, God seeks out women to do His will. Scripture offers us but fleeting, tantalizing glimpses into the lives of a number of everyday women in Bible times—many of whom are not even named in its pages. In each volume of Guideposts’ Ordinary Women of the Bible series, you’ll meet one of these unsung, ordinary women face to face, and see how God used her to change the course of history. Click on the book to purchase.

How will Jochebed hide her precious son? Does his only chance for survival lay with the Pharaoh’s own daughter? Can Jochebed convince her to raise him to worship the one true God?
When Jewish Sailor’s wife Tikva received word, more than a decade ago, of a family tragedy, the shock of the news sent her into premature labor, and she delivered a stillborn son. From that time until this, despite chasing after a multitude of healers’ promises and spending all she had on torturous treatments, she hasn’t been able to stop the resulting hemorrhaging. The doctor she saw today, like all the others, had given her lofty promises of a cure but turned out to be yet another charlatan. Defeated, Tikva returns home to her aged mother-in-law, who has heard tell of a miracle-working Rabbi visiting their province. Does Tikva dare hold out one last hope for healing?
Zarah’s Husband, Noah, has been preaching about the coming destruction of the world for years, as he builds a monstrous ship in the middle of his grain field. But Zarah, Noah’s wife and mother to their three sons, does not hear from God the way Noah does. Her hidden past, as a captive in a pagan temple, has led her to believe she is dam-aged and unworthy. Why would God speak to her? But then, son Shem’s wife, Salbeth, is abducted by the same cult of the pagan moon-god that Zarah once belonged to, and only she can find a way to bring the girl back home. 
Can Zarah prove her worth to her family by confronting and con-fessing the dark secrets of her past and rescuing Salbeth before the rain begins, and the world as they know it comes to an end?
All Joanna wanted was a peaceful life at the palace. She wanted to bear children for her husband, Chuza, the steward of Herod Antipas, and bring honor to her family. Instead, Joanna became an eyewitness to the most trans-formative, shocking events in human history…events that would force her to choose between the life she once imagined, and a life she never could have dreamed of. When she faces the choice between maintaining the illusion of peace or following the Prince of Peace, Joanna finds herself at the crossroads of her heart.
Will she have the strength and courage to choose the right path?
A devastating fire threatens the lives of Adaliah’s four-year-old son and her abusive husband. In a desperate effort, she faces the raging inferno to rescue her son from certain death. But her husband is left to the fate of the flames and does not survive.
Did she hesitate a moment too long? Could she have saved him if she’d truly wanted to?
Left to cope with the aftermath of the fire, the condemnation of her husband’s relatives, and her own guilt, Adaliah struggles to scrape out a living from the ashes of her former life. She is an outcast in the village, thanks to the vicious rumors spread by her stepdaughter. When she and her son face starvation, a prophet of Yahweh appears, asking for her last drop of oil.
Tasked with taking the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, Phoebe embarks on a tumult-filled journey over land and sea accompanied by her closest friend and a mysterious freed slave. Already having suffered persecution for her stalwart belief in Yeshua, Phoebe must overcome deep betrayal, a violent pirate raid, and the loss of every scrap of security she’s ever had, to travel to an unknown location and deliver Paul’s greatest treatise of the faith.
Will she find the resources and the trust she needs to complete the seemingly impossible task? Or will the ever-multiplying obstacles before her strangle her resolve?

Don’t these all look amazing? So many more great stories to come!

Happy reading, friends!


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