2019 Coffee Table Reads

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Book Review

Hello sweet readers,

It’s 2019 and a marvelous host of books are out there waiting to be discovered. So let me get right to it and share the latest reads to grace my coffee table and bear coffee stains.





Mark of the Raven 

Oh. My. Goodness. I adored this first of a two book series. Lady Selene has the ability to enter dreams at will. As the lady of a fallen house, she is trained to discover secrets and assassinate if need be. But when her task involves entering the mind of a young nobleman, Damien, Selene finds that she can’t carry out the tasks, even if it means endangering her nation and her very life.

Morgan L. Busse writes such a clean, fast-paced fantasy! I could hardly tear myself away from the pages. The Christian elements are subtle and yet so very clear. The romance . . . the romance is just lovely. It’s delicate and takes a reasonable amount of time to simmer. Snap this beauty up. It’s under a dollar on Amazon. Mark of the Raven is one of my absolute favorite young adult reads. I can hardly wait for the sequel. You can purchase here

A Bound Heart

My third read and likely to be one of my favorites of 2019, includes the latest offering by Laura Frantz. Her newest release, A Bound Heart, is tender and heartbreaking all at once. Laura Frantz writes some of the most beautiful love stories out there. When Lark is accused of terrible crimes and sent to the New World as an indentured servant, she needs to carve out a new life far from the comfort of her Scottish island. When the one man she could never have, Laird Magnus MacDougall, is sent on the same journey, she discovers all hope is not lost and love may still have a second chance. Swoon-worthy romance. Marvelous Christian themes. I couldn’t give this book a higher recommendation. You’ll find links to purchase here. Oh, did I mention this book is my book club pick of the month? I can’t wait to see what my fellow readers think of this beauty of a book.


2019: The Year of Intense Writing

It’s 2019 and a fresh start to the year! New books. New writing projects. A list of New Year resolutions. One of my goals is to complete three novels this year; two young adult fantasies and an ancient Rome historical novel. That’s 220,000 words and I’m on a roll. The historical novel is in edit phase and the young adult novels are in first draft phase. In other words, I’m living on caffeine and chocolate with very little sleep. I’ll be sharing more on these projects in the near future!

Also, Five Poisoned Apples is free on kindle unlimited! You can get it here.  The outpouring of love from readers has been amazing! Stay tuned to hear about some fun parties and giveaways coming up soon.

How about you? What books are on your TBR pile?







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